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General Privacy Terms

The Association does not collect the personal data of the users / visitors of this website. In the event that personal data is requested from the user/visitor and obtained (indicatively for registration with the website, request for subscription to a newsletter, participation in a survey or promotional action etc.), such data is treated as confidential and the Association takes all reasonable technical and other measures so as to ensure the confidential nature of the data record and its processing. Access to your personal data is only available, per case and depending on the processing purpose, to authorised Association personnel and/or to the personnel of third companies with which the Association has entered into a contract with and which is executing the processing under the condition of observing confidentiality obligations.



The Association may use cookies, the use of which is prevalent online. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer in order to help the website remember your system's parameters and facilitate your communication with it, without however gaining information on any document or file in your system. We do not use cookies to store your personal data or to determine your identity but only in order to allow better functioning of the website and offer you a better response. You can set your computer browser in such a way so as to warn you regarding the use of cookies in certain fields of this website or so as not to permit the use of cookies in any case. Setting your browser to allow cookies means that you consent to their dispatch and receipt.

Any connection of this website to any other website via special links, hyperlinks, banners etc., does not imply the assumption by the Association of any responsibility for the content of such websites or for the policy adopted by such websites with regard to privacy.


Amendment of these terms

The Association may at any time and without warning, amend these privacy terms, pursuant to any legislation in force and each amendment shall be effective as of its appearance on this website.


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